Pioneer in Civil and Mechanical Projects

We have executed major industrial, institutional and residential projects since our launch in 2011. We work on various international and domestic infrastructure projects in India and GCC Countries.

Successfully Completed more than 20 Projects in 3 Years

Many of these projects include industrial / institutional residential and hospitality.

Large and Competent Labor Force

The Company has about 150 well-qualified staff and a labor force of around 1000 skilled & unskilled labourers.

Adaptive of New Technology and Encouraging Local Talent

The Company is contributing positively to the community by adopting new construction systems and engaging in benevolent activities.

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About Us

Since its inception in 2011, Ambica Inc has been a leader in civil and mechanical projects, having completed major industrial, institutional, and residential projects. Our consistent team of architects, site supervisors, and skilled executives puts our clients’ requirements first from beginning to finish. We’ve worked on a wide range of projects and delivery methods, and we employ both tried-and-true methods and cutting-edge strategies to ensure that our customers’ projects achieve their full potential.

In past 3 years the company has been significantly involved in building construction and has completed over 20 projects, including industrial/institutional residential and hospitality.

By implementing modern building systems and engaging in charitable activities such as training competent national engineers, the Company is making a beneficial contribution to the community.

Why Choose Us

Quality Construction
Ambica Inc has been providing high-quality workmanship and dedicated service to clients for nearly a decade.
Complete Building Solutions
Ambica Inc uses their extensive industry knowledge to provide clients with Complete Building Solutions by embracing new building technologies and fostering local talent.
Timely Completion
.Ambica Inc ensures that they complete their projects within or before time in the best manner possible. 
World-class Equipments
Ambica Inc has successfully completed more than 20 projects, including industrial / institutional residential and hospitality.